Bridging Loan Calculator

Our Bridging Loan Calculator will help you to calculate the approximate costs for your short term borrowing requirements.

For further assistance or to get an understanding of the current rates available please call to speak with one of our bridging loan experts.

Alternatively, please click and complete our quick application form via the button below and put us to work to find the right financial solution for your needs.

Enter the bridging loan amount you require to borrow and adjust the interest rate and the loan term.  Total the value of the properties that you are using as security and enter any mortgage balance outstanding on them.

The calculator will provide you with an estimate of the interest and total repayable for the facility together with an overview of other applicable fees.

Pay attention to the Loan to Value percentage since this will affect the interest rate at which you will be able to borrow.

See below for typical Loan to Value guidelines but please get in contact and we will be able to advise you regarding how to get the lowest interest rates.

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Please note that the use of the bridging calculator does not constitute an offer of finance nor provide a guarantee of any rates that you will be able to obtain.  Its use will help you to model your project and provide an estimate of rates, financial affordability and projections.

Loan to Value Guidelines

Monthly interest rates will reflect your Loan to Value percentage. Please see indicative rates below.

LTV Up to 40%
0.44% per month

LTV 40% – 50%
0.53% per month

LTV 50% – 65%
0.63% per month

LTV 65% – 70%
0.69% per month

LTV 70% – 75%
0.84% per month

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